“Nanda Vigo, the inner space” exhibition

Glas Italia is partner of the exhibition “Nanda Vigo exhibition, the inner space” which opens on 7 July at MADD - Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design in Bordeaux.

The COSMOS and ANDROMEDA mirrors are exhibited, historical pieces evidence of the profound research carried out by Glas Italia with the Milanese artist.

Nanda Vigo, the inner space is an exhibition that introduces the work of the artist through immersive installations ranging from architecture to art and design. More than a chronological presentation of her career, it is an experience that allows the audience to see, perceive and feel all the dimensions of Nanda Vigo’s artistic creation.  

“I searched for the dematerialization of the object through the creation of false perspectives, in such a way that the space around the viewer identifies with the object itself.” 

Nanda Vigo, 2006

Nanda Vigo, the inner space

from 07.07.2022

to 08.01.2023

MADD Musée des Arts décoratifs et du Design


Info: madd-bordeaux.fr