Ennio Arosio

Well known italian designer. He’s present and active in the design field since the Seventies and he constantly collaborates with national and international brands. Reality interpretation, needs and desires observation are the mainpoints of his designing process. Suggestions and emotions are also relevant to his work. He’s convinced that design is everywhere: in a stone, a drop, a smile, a sound. Designer’s main aim is to understand these inspiration’s sources and to interpret them. His work follows two principal directions: the research and the everyday life; in other words theory and practice. His creations are concrete and aimed to satisfy the modern everyday living needs, always in progress. Nowadays social and cultural changings are in fact faster and evanescente. His projects are characterized by cleaned signs and drawings, details’ care and use of good qualità materials. He was able to cross geographical barriera and to combine the typical western pragmantism with the oriental sensibility. Art director in various interior design firms, he takes care of the entire creative process from the research to the marketing strategy development, form the products’ definition to the fair exhibition, form the exhibition spaces design to the communication.